Rock and Roll Photo Shoot in LA Day 2: The Shoot

nbp010fadeosToday we would shoot the band at a couple of locations, in the afternoon, and close to sunset.

We also had to take time away from the photo shoot, to find an alternative venue. Not only that but how would they get a hold of everyone coming to the show, to let them know that the venue had changed. Stacey checked out SIR Studios to see if by chance the band would bee able to book the place on Saturday night. SIR didn’t have anything on such short notice. Fortunately the owner of Cascade finally got back to her and she was able to smooth things over.

After getting a few shots we went over to the Sunset Grill, and had lunch. Across the street was Mesa Boogie and I thought it’s be cool to see if we could take a few shots on the roof. They said no, so we hit a couple of more locations, then headed over to Nate’s place to get a few shots on the rooftop at sunset. While I was setting up lights, the guys looked over and they could see a barley dressed woman getting photographed, which got them pretty excited.

The rooftop has a killer view, overlooking Hollywood. The view at night is even better.

Afterward, the band headed off to the strip with the videographer and I following and we caught them having a little fun flirting with some girls outside the Body Shoppe. Afterward we headed over to the Rainbow to meet Stacey aka Rock Mamma for a drink.

Tomorrow: Rock and Roll Photo Shoot in LA: Day 3.  Find out more about the Rock Band Project.

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